Full Stack Web Developer

I'm Valerie. I'm an artist and engineer. From a background in music and theater performance I cultivated a seed of love for technology that led to producing my own work. That love flourished into an idea. How can I cultivate the feeling of connection art provides through tech? 

With the pandemic we are more separated physically separated than ever. I think that technology has been doing a good job already of trying to remedy that a bit - but how can we push that further? And how can we address the issues that technology so far has been not been able to address. This is the kind of thing I'm passionate about. How do we make art accessible to people who can't buy a ticket to a Broadway show? How can we level the playing field when it comes to producing music from home so you don't have to come from wealth? How about making travel and learning more accessible to those from lower income communities by providing free or more affordable alternatives to pricey tours? This is the kind of thing that excites me and I'm ready to jump in head first find out the answers. 

But also I am here for Avatar memes...



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