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My name is Val Nuccio (formerly Valerie Roche - woot marriage!) and I'm an actor and singer based out of NYC.


Originally from Miami (aka North Cuba) I spent my childhood alternating between studying at Miami's best performing arts schools and epic summers in Puerto Rico with my family. 

After graduating from the Musical Theater program at New World School of the Arts, I studied as part of the Bachelor of Music in Musical Theater at the University of Miami. While there I met my hunky husband Anthony Nuccio. 

Since then I've been lucky to work along most of the Eastern Coast in regional theaters doing primarily Musical Theater.

I currently live in NYC and my favorite past times include: rocking out with my friends as part of our guest entertainment company and doing videos for Connor Engstrom music, watching too much Great British Bake Off, and blending up Coquito (look it up!).


Fun facts: 

1) In high school I had to do a one woman show as Janis Joplin to fulfill my graduation requirements. I've been in love with her ever since. 

2) I'm Puerto Rican! I know I know. I don't look it. But nonetheless I am! (and bilingual too)

3) My favorite animals are otters. But really.... otters are the best. 

Thanks for stopping by my page. Please feel free to peruse my media! :)


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